Top Ten Romantic Beach Engagement Photo Locations


To help those men looking to propose and couples deciding where to have their session, this Top 10 list can help you get started with your search. As a wedding photographer with a passion for the outdoors and beaches, I am frequently asked  by newly engaged couples for recommendations on where to have a beach engagement photo session.

A groom-to-be sometimes nervously, asks “If I were to propose on the beach, where should I go?”

I admit I get a little giddy hearing this and more so witnessing a proposal in person with my camera. Often, if requested, I get the opportunity to hide or act like a passerby until that perfect romantic time of two lives at a new beginning. The question pops up everywhere: at Christmas parties, family or friend functions, events, potential clients, or even by visitors new to the area. Being a local I can think of many answers to locations that I adventure to including all of Florida and the Southeastern states.

Asking a few key questions narrows down the location perfectly tailored to the couple’s taste, style, and even compliments the theme to their wedding. It’s specific to each couple and while the list below is of popular beach spots in the Northeast Florida area, any experienced photographer holds dear to his or her heart a few “secret” locations to offer their clients. So do I.

With over 200 photogenic beach locations to choose from throughout the area, it can be hard to choose. When couples visit our beautiful beaches, the locations listed below are visited the most frequently and is a great list for those wanting the sand beneath their toes as they express their love. The list is categorized based for popularity, ease of access, beauty and originality. Each has a link to help those discover the area online except for one. Driftwood Beach is a local term used for a popular location north of Huguenot Park and not “officially” on any map. “Driftwood Beach” known for its large petrified like trees laid along the beach is popular with both photographers and couples. It does take more planning to get to. The popular Vilano Beach area may be the best all round scenic location for a beach engagement photo session.

Top Ten Romantic Beach Engagment Photo Locations

10. Jacksonville Beach Pier

9. Mickler’s Landing

8. St Augustine Beach

7. Hannah Park

6. Neptune Beach and Towncenter

5. Huguenot Park

4. Inter-coastal Waterway

3. Anastasia Island, St Augustine

2. Driftwood Beach

1. Vilano Beach – The water is bluer and the sand..oh the just magical in the right light. Vilano Beach’s sand offers colorful hues that match no others in the area in addition to the distant view of the St. Augustine Lighthouse. Known for its beautiful sunrises and sunsets by locals, Vilano Beach offers a scenic backdrop in a 360 degree panoramic view.  A granite jetty divides the Atlantic Ocean and the Matanzes River with calming waves wrapping around the sandy point. Visitors can also drive on the beach for a nominal fee most of the year, but be cautious of high tide as the water can often rise above the sloping sand dunes.

  • Vilano Beach's beautiful granite rocks, sand and green water
  • Engagement Photo session at Vilano Beach at sunrise
  • "Fire and Water" at Jacksonville Beach Pier at Sunrise
  • Jacksonville Beach Pier recently updated their signage
  • Find your ideal backdrop along the Inter-coastal by foot or explore the hidden beaches along the area by renting a couple kayaks.
  • Inside Guana State park lies access to beaches, lakes, and intercostal views.
  • Newly engaged couple on the Jacksonville Beach Pier
  • Sand dunes of Anastasia Island near St Augustine Beach
  • Couple sharing a few moments alone along the inter-costal in Jacksonville at "secret spot".

Top Ten Romantic Beach Engagement Photo Locations


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