Handfasting Ritual for your Wedding


Want to add something unique to your wedding ceremony? Let me introduce you to a Handfasting ritual; also called a “Hand Wrapping” or “Hand Tying,” this tradition can be traced back to Eastern European and Celtic custom. The Bride and Groom are asked to hold hands or to place their right and left palms together, crossing at the wrists, to create the infinity symbol, (a figure eight – which has no beginning and no end). I like to lay different colored ribbons across their hands. Each color represents a different blessing they would like to bring into their marriage.  See What the Colors Mean below.  The ribbons (which measure about 36 inches long) are then tied together in a knot, and a Blessing is bestowed upon the couples.

Are you a Vintage and Romantic Couple? Then you will love gathering remnants of your ancestors wedding gowns and bridal veils, strands of pearl necklaces from your grandmother, handkerchiefs from grandfather, and sewing them together to create a “Sacred Cloth” long enough to be tied around your hands in the wedding knot. Priceless.

Do either of you have children that you are blending into a family? Have the children place their hands upon your “infinity symbol” and the ribbons are placed over the hands of the whole family and then tied in a knot. The blessing is performed over the entire newly formed family.

Do you have friends and relatives who you would like to be a part of your wedding ceremony? You can ask them to be a ‘ribbon holder’ and keep their ribbon until it is called, then they will walk up and place the ribbon on the couple’s hands as the Officiant explains the meaning of the color(s). This is a great time for these loved ones to express warm wishes to the wedding couple, with a kiss or hug. Grandparents love this part!

This truly is a way to seal your commitment to each other in a unique way, and your guests will love learning new rites and rituals that honor who you are as a couple!

What The Colors Mean
Pink - sweet love that is shared
Red - a passionate bond
Green - abundance in the marriage
Yellow - for laughter and joy
Blue - peace, harmony and calmness
Purple - spirituality and peace
White - purity and innocence

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Rev. Deborah is an Ordained InterFaith Minister, Registered Nurse and Navy Spouse. Along with her husband and three children, her home is in St Johns County FL. Her passion for performing meaningful Ceremonies comes from a rich Catholic & Jewish background, where she absorbed a deep Spirituality and love of ritual. The Unity Church for Creative Living is her home church base, where she serves a on the Prayer Chaplain Ministry team.

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