Avoid Bridezilla by Being Prepared

Let’s Get Real: What You Don’t Know & What No One Is Going To Tell You

We’ve all seen “Bridezillas” before, right? We’ve seen the meltdowns, the yelling, the crying, the fighting and at some point you said to yourself, “when I get married, that is NOT going to be me”.  You’re more well-rounded than that. Plus, you’ve seen weddings on TV, been to a few of your friends weddings, examined Pinterest weddings and perused a few wedding magazines making you a wedding planning expert, right?

Let’s get real, planning a wedding is no easy task. There is a reason wedding planners exist; people who know the industry and how to navigate through it with ease. Thinking you can easily (stress freely) jump into this career is the same as thinking you’d be a good surgeon because you’ve seen one played on TV. So, first things first. I’m going to need you to admit that this isn’t just anyone’s wedding, it’s YOUR wedding and because your wedding is important to you, there will likely be stress, maybe some yelling and possibly some tears but hopefully, this article can eliminate some of those moments.

You Can’t Control It All:

If you are a control freak, look into hiring a wedding planner and try to remove yourself from your wedding planning process as much as possible. There is no way you can do it all. Planning a wedding requires you rely on other people, their advice, their creative distinction and interpretation. To avoid as much stress as possible, hire a planner whose style mirrors yours as closely as possible. Show them what you have in mind for your wedding and accept the fact that it’s not going to be exactly like that image of a wedding you saw because that was someone else’s wedding and this is YOUR wedding. If you want to be more involved, learn how to delegate and trust. Your friends, family and fiancé wants to help you as much as possible. Assign the wedding responsibilities and trust in their ability to carry them out. Don’t micromanage it, you know what your fiancé, friends and family members or capable of. Trust that they won’t let you down.

Don’t sever friendships and relations:

I will say again, planning a wedding IS stressful. When a person is stressed, they aren’t as patient as they normally would be…making a stressed bride a little more snappy than usual. So you want to be mindful not to snap at your friends who are trying to help. Your friends and family members, especially those who never planned a wedding, might not read your sudden mood swings as the effects of wedding planning, they might just think you’re being mean.

A wedding planning bride-to-be is a busy bride-to-be. Be mindful not to neglect your friends and family members. You will need to learn how to balance work, life, wedding planning, family and friends. There is nothing worse than a friend you stopped hearing from as much since she got engaged and every time you do hear from her she only want to talk about her wedding planning experience and if you try to give input she snaps. Let’s get real, you wouldn’t want to be around that person either.

Don’t Sweat the  “Responde Si Vou Plait” (R.S.V.P) list:

Every bride I’ve worked with has complained, at some point, about guest who haven’t R.S.V.P’ed. The wasted invitation, the wasted stamp, the questionable seating arrangements, etc. I get it, it’s frustrating. But you have to remember that everyone else’s life hasn’t stopped just because you’re getting married. Remember, people still have work, they still have a family, they still have bills and obligations. When you and your fiancé sat down to set a date, you likely didn’t take into consideration every single guests availability. There will be some cases where some people can’t give you a definitive answer a month in advance, sometimes some people say yes, but then something happens at the last-minute that alters their plans…things happen. Guest who fail to R.S.V.P or who R.S.V.P but then cancel, aren’t doing it to attack you personally. It is important to always remember WHY you’re getting married. The bottom line should be, as long as your fiancé shows up, everything should be right as rain.


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