Toss that Plastic Hanger! Sincerely, your Wedding Album


Everything is set for the big day. The flowers have arrived. The rings are gleaming. Your favorite hair stylist is vigorously working on your maid of honor’s hair. Then the photographer walks in ready to start capturing your day starting with the dress of all dresses. It is carefully unzipped from its protective packing to reveal…the plastic hanger. Your wedding album sighs…

It’s no secret that just about every wedding dress comes with a clear plastic hanger that just doesn’t truly belong in the decor of your big day. As a wedding photographer, the location for shooting your wedding gown is often the 1st thing I start scouting for when arriving at a venue or location. The hanger is the second item I look at because it is often overlooked in the midst of planning a wedding. The wedding dress shot is one of those specific detailed shots that just pop when placed in a doorway, arch, or unique location. A “mini shoot” of the dress sets the mood and pumps up the excitement in the room when asked, “Where is (pause)…the dress.” To display it on a cheap piece of clear plastic just reduces the greatness of any dress. Over the years, I have learned to keep a few chestnut brown bridal wooden hangers in my vehicle just in case. Also, letting the bride keep the hanger adds to the memorabilia of the day and puts a little smile on her face for that added touch. This small purchase can only enhance great memories of the day.

9 out of 10 brides request a shot of their wedding dress in all its glamor and perfect crisp condition. They likely poured through dozens of online stores, magazines, and drove countless miles to wedding boutiques for that perfect gown. Showing it off one last time symbolizes that quest and the special moments that are about to unfold.

Wooden, silk lined or custom wire-twisted name hangers can actually personalize your wedding photos for a genuine unique look in the wedding album. Your wedding album will thank you. A quick look online and you will find  numerous resources from around the net. offers one of the largest varieties of wedding hanger styles and choices, including custom hand made versions, by many online vendors. Don’t forget about local big box and craft stores to find that last wedding detail. JoAnn’s, Michaels, and even Ross often carry affordable white or wood styled hangers in bulk for the whole bridal party. They also make a great keepsake. Be sure to look for hangers that include a small groove for any straps, loops or slips that may be incorporated in the dress.


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